Inscriptions on the bricks identified the site as that of Eridu. This is what may conveniently be called the Prajapati theory, by which the "Lord of Creatures," the efficient cause of the universe, is identified with both the sacrifice;(yajna) and the sacrificer (yajamana). nuda, was found by Bunge in waste ground about Peking; it was identified by the botanist Lindley with the pilcorn of the old agriculture, and we see from Rogers 1 that it was in cultivation in England in the 13th century. She was identified with Fauna, and by later syncretism also with Ops and Maiathe latter no doubt because the dedication-day of her temple on the Aventine was 1st May (Ovid, Fasti, v. Two species, affecting different kinds of birds, have been identified. He was an aggressive opponent of the "Tweed Ring," and was actively allied with the antiTammany organizations, the "Irving Hall Democracy" of 1875-1890, and the "County Democracy" of 1880-1890, but upon the dissolution of the latter he became identified with Tammany. Luther distinguished between the Spiritual Church, which he identified with the Communion of Saints, and the Corporeal Church, the outward marks of which are Baptism, Sacrament and Gospel. Once you think you’ve found the main verb, check yourself by finding the subject of the sentence. She tried to identify a sound. If you try to add “please” and it doesn’t make sense, it’s declarative. All Rights Reserved. What are you doing here? Philochorus in his Atthis (ap. If you can add “please” and the sentence still makes sense, then it’s imperative. In the older framework of the M ahabharata he appears as a great chieftain and ally of the Pandava brothers; and it is only in the interpolated episode of the Bhagavad-gita that he is identified with Vishnu and becomes the revealer of the doctrine of bhakti or religious devotion. 's appearing to some extent in the light of a national hero. Group 4 has a peculiar text which cannot be identified with any definite group of MSS. The Latin name of Sicum is adopted in public inscriptions; but the city cannot be identified with the Roman colony of Sicum, which was probably situated farther south. The duties of men of the sixhynde class, if they are to be identified with the radcnihtas (radmanni) of later times, probably consisted chiefly in riding on the king's (or their lord's) business. It is true that Aztlan, the land whence the Aztecs traced their name and source, cannot be identified, but the later stages. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. (I) He was identified with Alfric (995-1005), archbishop of Canterbury. Sentence defines it is a combination of subject and a predicate. Lucifer), the morning star or bringer of light, the son of Astraeus (or Cephalus) and Eos, the two stars were early identified by the Greeks. FLORA, in Roman mythology, goddess of spring-time and flowers, later identified with the Greek Chloris. At the same time the new acquaintance with Greek art introduces the making of cult statues, in which the identified Greek type is usually adopted without change, with such curious results as the representation of the Penates under the form of the Dioscuri. Popular etymology identified the symbol with the initial letter of centum, " hundred.". This field has been identified, and pieces of crucible and fragments of glass have been dug up. More and more it became identified with the synagogue, in which the Law was expounded: more and more it became a matter for the individual and his private life. This must relate, however, to the fort only, because Arab travellers of the 10th century mention Hovakend or Hokand, the position of which has been identified with that of Khokand. After a year he returned to Norwich and identified himself with the movement to organize local printers in a branch of the Typographical Association, of which he became president and ultimately secretary. It was long supposed to be Venetian, but has been identified as of rare Oriental workmanship. They were famous in the ancient world for their maiden goddess, identified by the Greeks with Artemis Tauropolos or Iphigeneia, whom the goddess was said to have brought to her shrine at the moment when she was to have been sacrificed at Aulis.
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