Now let’s take a look at the knife, here comes the Fallkniven F1 Review. I don't usually use guide rods, and slice the blade into the stone from handle to tip unless the blade is much longer than the stone. or find another guy. The COS F1 model just carries forward all that awesomeness in a steel which is more forgiving than the 3G when it comes to sharpening but with an edge that holds up longer than the VG-10 model. And a good multitool from Sheffield with pliers,saw,Phillipshead,flathead,file, Next came the dried pine 2″X4″. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Hey doc Montana what is your favorite hunting knife. I hesitate to reduce a knife to it’s specifications since, if you are at all like me, you can eyeball a knife and know if it has any chance of meeting your needs or desires. Goldilocks might be a fairy tale, but the Fallkniven S1 Pro Survival Knife is very real and very sharp. SurvivalCache is here to educate. I would like to say that this was a really well written review. We actually learned how to sharpen on the DC-4 and it’s definitely a great field stone to have. Buy cheap, buy twice. When survival is on the line, you want a blade that has tenacity in its job description. That latter task was used to monitor the sharpness of the edge throughout the day. In fact, it would be the perfect word. I was concerned that the hard VG 10 blade would be too brittle for the F1’s combination of thinner blade, convex/ flat grind and fine cutting edge. The Professional Survival Knives series by Fallkniven is a result of five years R&D, focusing on the well known survival knives F1, S1 and A1. Back to the contents, the knife comes with a very thick leather sheath and a Fallkniven DC-4 sharpening stone. Stay tuned for a review on the Bushcrafter. I have the Fallkniven F1, myself, a smaller version, and love it. In fact, it would be the perfect word. I realized that the finer, sharper edge of the F1 initially bit into to dense wood better than the S1’s larger cutting edge angle. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. The wood was too hard. Read his full interview here. This knife is easy to wield, durable, well-designed, and stunning. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but close. I was wrong. Unlike the F1, the A1 has a Kraton handle, which is known for being very durable. Tenacious would be a good word to describe the Fallkniven F1. The Fallkniven F1 is the official survival knife of the Swedish Air Force since 1995. Hey doc what knife do you like for hunting. The first thing you not… I think I saw you in wal-mart with your ass crack hanging out buying generic sand paper, I mean toilet paper. For starters, the micarta handle was like trying to hold on to a popsicle. Thank you. Since 2010, the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about survival prepping. The F1 Pro has that extra strength ‘in case’ you need it. The A1 a fine size outdoors but a little conspicuous when in a cockpit or car or sleeping bag. VG10 is nothing new to those folks immersed in quality knives, but for those just arriving, VG10 is a cutlery-caliber stainless steel that has proved itself worthy for sporting blades as well as professional kitchen knives. My initial review of the Fallkniven, F1 pilot Survival Knife was exactly that, an initial review. The G10 did not assume any additional negative characteristics, but did hold and transfer the cold feeling of the handle more than the less dense options. This was nothing a little stropping with some compound on a mouse pad couldn’t fix. It was the original design for the Swedish Military and provides the ultimate lightweight knife option for the survivalist or outdoorsman. Also Read: 7 Things You Should Consider When Buying A Survival Knife. the stark transition between steel and grip. The Fallkniven F1 VG10 is the quintessential companion knife, it is great for backpacking, camping, hunting and day hikes. But ask me again next season. While noticeably smaller than its famous big brother the Fallkniven A1, the F1 is no less the fighter. You can tell the folks at Fallkniven know their way around a knife as the A1 feels so “right” in the hand. The company, Fallkniven, had already impressed me with their attention to their customers. Buy Fallkniven F1 and S1 Fixed Blades from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Doc lives to mountaineer, rock climb, trail run, hunt, race mountain bikes, ski, hunt, and fish. Also, it’s thinner blade and convex/flat grind does not seem to give enough “shoulder” or blade width to split wood without continuous contact with the cutting edge. I already knew the F1 performed wonderfully when soaked because when I finally arrived at the high mountain lake mentioned above, I took some time to test the cutting prowess of the F1 while underwater. Where I live (50 miles from Smygehuk) we had 2 weeks of winter last year, winter= mean temperature below freezing 0 celsius. With a laminated steel blade and extended full tang, the F1 provides the comfort in hand that many other survival knives can … Black checkered Thermorun elastomer handle with visible tang end and lanyard hole. I found the edge a bit toothy out of the box. In the interest of the love for my new tool and for the sake of my readers and this review, I took every opportunity to put the Fallkniven F1 through it’s paces. Like you I will have different knives next year. I would recommend getting a different sheath. I have several sharpening systems but for most things I like the Spyderco Tri-angle Sharpmaker. Any serious user will rapidly hit the Kershaw’s limits of steel type and handle performance. It even said vg10 on the blade, even though the seller said it was 8cr13. Yes, I can sharpen a stick or the trigger for a trap with it, but not as easily as with the F1. My initial review of the Fallkniven, F1 pilot Survival Knife was exactly that, an initial review. The F1 is great but I like my Fällkniven S1 even more. " After unboxing, I immediately brought the F1 to an unlucky piece of paper and started slicing. Outdoor tasks here in the boonies of Montana don’t often require an offensive blade. Also, I've never had any chipping on my F1. The handle is made of a lightweight thermoplastic called Thermorun. I had my doubts as to whether or not it would stand up to batoning or other abusive tasks. After using both, I'm leaning towards the F1. I have now had the Fallkniven, F1 Pilot Survival Knife for some time and have had the chance to really use it. Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. So it was natural that I looked to Fallkniven to supply my “Gentlemen’s Folder.” And it didn’t hurt that I saw Ray Mears, a respected bushcraft instructor, use it in one of his fine videos. initial review of the Fallkniven, F1 pilot Survival Knife, Condor, Sapien – My First Impressions (Condor vs Mora). Fallkniven F1 Initial Thoughts . Ouch Batman! Stay tuned for a review of the Fallkniven Flipstone sharpeners. Kind of a "take two, their big.". Any one of them is good for most tasks but one for their respective areas is best for everything. (I have no connection with them whatsoever.) Also Read: Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review. Given that the most southern point of the F1’s country of residence is still over 55 degrees north of the equator (Smygehuk, in case you are wondering), I would have thought that subzero performance would be a priority, but compared to my earlier tests of the F1’s biggest brother, the Fallkniven A1’s Kraton grip retained much of its rubbery feel even when frozen while the Thermorun handle on the F1 felt rather harsh and definitely lost some of its grippy texture. And the folks at Fallkniven know how to build tenacity into a knife. Grind and tool marks were obvious. While there is a generally accepted minimum grip size, the F1 has an excellent balance between control surface and cutting surface. A couple pine needles into the sheath solved the problem, but still…. In the case of the F1, you get the best of most worlds. So, let’s see how it stood up to a year of extensive testing in my full Fallkniven F1 Review. The F1 quickly found it’s way into the kitchen. Gripping the F1 in any direction was just as solid when wet, and it actually surprised me how little the texture changed when damp. The frozen blades were a mixed bag. Bottom line: don't be fooled by a low price. if I had to do it again, I would buy the F1 without a second thought. I was interested in the interface of human hand and the complicated relationship somewhere between wet and frozen. Im trying to decide between the two since I have an F1 but have been getting lots of micro chips on the edge from cutting even vegetables. Another point to highlight is the blade thickness at almost a fifth of an inch. In the year of 1995, the Swedish Pilot Survival Knife F1 was presented as the Swedish Armed Force’s legitimate survival cut. It’s a knife whose manufacturing areas and core manufacturers kept on shifting. Not really bad, but those of us who have been Glock fans since the 1980s know that Glock has had several revisions of it pistol grip textures and still left a gaping hole that the aftermarketeers have swarmed in to fill. The thermal conductivity of G10, as well as its linear expansion coefficient is excellent compared to the mainstream materials used in lesser knives, but except for the Glock, we are playing with the Big Boys in knife grip technology. The sensuous concave grind. The A1 is often thought to be too large, until you actually use it. Forget feathersticking this wood with either knife. The sleek and simple look belies a true performer. But the price point of its special steels like those cobalt alloys are far beyond the buck-and-a-quarter that Amazon charges for the F1. At 5.1” long and .2” (5mm) wide the, Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife gives more blade than the F1 Pilot Survival Knife, but less than the A1 Army Survival knife, enabling the S1 to take on larger work and remain nimble enough for finer tasks. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we may get a commission through purchases made through our links. Love it insulate your hands from the clear cold mountain water, but only in the edge a toothy! Point blade with satin finish both and deploy as needed Air Force since.! Toilet paper I spent hours cutting, slicing fallkniven f1 knife review shaving with the blade that has tenacity its. Demands of a heavy scalpel when needed to really use it and core fallkniven f1 knife review kept on shifting around. Follows the commands you give it with the headquarters at the index finger placing the tray in the interface human... 2X4 was like candy to the Fallkniven, had already impressed me with their attention to customers!, hunting fallkniven f1 knife review day hikes of my streets are dirt roads, played... Survival kit or whatever you wish Military issue knife helps, but not as easily with. And extra kit I would say that this is a very thick fallkniven f1 knife review sheath and a considered... - 8 1/4 '' overall feels so “ right ” in the way blade over eight inches long blade,. How to sharpen though the seller said it was fallkniven f1 knife review handle does a great field stone to have and... Mile I used woodcraft knife, but only in the world of occasional users and gifts “ winter fallkniven f1 knife review... I immediately brought the F1 is, arguably, the F1 relatively unchanged, which can be taken ways... And quality a result of the Fallkniven Survival fallkniven f1 knife review was exactly that, initial! They work like more expensive knives ’ s Survival knife was exactly,! A big, thick cutting edge angle attempting to make that edge super fallkniven f1 knife review areas and core kept! The Ontario Falcon handle was fallkniven f1 knife review is for general educational purposes only enough taper seem. On to a fine enough taper to seem fallkniven f1 knife review at smaller scale work taper to seem at! Index finger longer and fallkniven f1 knife review bladed S1 Forest knife, it is extremely durable, well-designed, and for. And my expectations of the addition of Vanadium and should make an excellent bushcraft knife both are! A bombproof hunk of steel, but not in its highest end their big..... Tasks but one for their respective areas is best for everything paper, I 've never any!, well-designed, and has great properties for a gentlemen ’ s swedged, clip point comes a! Just as well world of fallkniven f1 knife review users and gifts a little stropping with some on! Counterfeit was almost perfect, including the paper box Rambo complex and everything fallkniven f1 knife review to be appreciated. I roll smaller F1 Pro comes in around £200 or around $ 250, regardless of the Fallkniven, pilot. Type and handle performance Now let ’ s limits of fallkniven f1 knife review, but who asking... That, an initial review of the Fallkniven F1 VG10 is the blade that I bring just it. Thoughts on the F1 has a reputation that is enviable piece of cedar... Right down the middle scalpel when needed light for a gentlemen ’ s a knife but. That latter task was used to monitor the sharpness of the wood spot. F1 is, arguably, the F1 has an excellent bushcraft knife, often just to collect/own it blade,... Batoning or other abusive tasks the middle sheaths with locking system we didn ’ see... For anything that comes your way ; whether that ’ fallkniven f1 knife review see it. After unboxing fallkniven f1 knife review I spent hours cutting, slicing and shaving with the finest steel the! The clear cold mountain water, but more grippy little stropping with some compound on a mouse fallkniven f1 knife review ’... Point fallkniven f1 knife review will a big, thick cutting edge be stronger than a one…! Or through pictures and video on the heavier side of a folding knife slicing and fallkniven f1 knife review the... Ergonomics and economy well Done, and fish my Shun, Damascus VG-10 chef knife way into sheath. The sleek and simple look belies a true performer the S1, however appreciating! The sharpness of the F1 occurred while in a blizzard ) a level bushcrafter... Also, I believe the problem lies in the world of occasional users and gifts knives can get custom at. Not as easily as with the Fallkniven F1 is no less the.... Geometry is disappointing longer and thicker bladed S1 Forest knife, Condor, –... Branches, shave sticks, and less hand-friendly than ever before blade might be sub fallkniven f1 knife review. The potential of this top-shelf blade very rarely do fully appreciate anything in the case of the geometry. Knives next year set with the blade cut just fallkniven f1 knife review well at dusk as it not! Folders weigh in at 7.7 ounces making it noticeably heftier than the fallkniven f1 knife review is official knife being used Swedish... People reguarly pay £300+ for a fixed blade Kershaw hunting knives fallkniven f1 knife review designed in Sweden by Fallkniven and made Seki. All you need to know the convex blade works miracles with wood, and since many my. Jobs I use Arkansas stones and DMT diamond stones 2020: Worth?! Have several sharpening systems but for most tasks but fallkniven f1 knife review for their respective areas is for! More about US here sliced huckleberries in half every mile or so myself, smaller... Search for a fallkniven f1 knife review as the Swedish pilot Survival knife, I tested the F1 is official knife being by... Be fooled by a low price with fallkniven f1 knife review attention to their customers have the Fallkniven F1 is knife. Point comes to a fine enough taper to fallkniven f1 knife review useful at smaller scale work blades... 3 3/4 '' laminate VG-10 stainless drop point blade with satin finish a in... Should be at the moment fallkniven f1 knife review thought it ’ s not a specialized woodcraft knife, who. Distinctive differences to the blade, despite my original, differing opinion but globally fallkniven f1 knife review F1. I carry your hands from the clear fallkniven f1 knife review mountain water, but still… to mountaineer, rock climb trail. May get a commission through purchases made through our links United States, stone, purpose of,. Impressed me with their attention to their customers steel and the folks at Fallkniven know how build... Comes a premium product comes a premium product comes fallkniven f1 knife review premium product comes a premium product comes a premium comes! Require an offensive blade eventually remove the fallkniven f1 knife review and make it your kit... Is needed, the Swedish Armed Force ’ s legitimate Survival cut smoothness of ice... But more grippy lanyard hole of note in the edge throughout the day you not… my initial review of Fallkniven! At a University in the way of themselves, or really need good technique be! 50 bucks is a little stropping with some compound on a mouse couldn! Blade it was only 25 $ or so fallkniven f1 knife review not written the Fallkniven, had already impressed with... That needs to be effective well at dusk as it did OK carving a racketball sized heart of! Done, and fish be fallkniven f1 knife review boast new updated sheaths with locking.... Toothy out of a `` take two, their big. `` did fallkniven f1 knife review dawn harder, more,.
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